Labioplasty: labia majora reduction

Labioplasty refers to a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the labia minora, labia majora or clitorial hood.

Although labioplasty procedures have traditionally been performed by gynecologists or urologists, this procedure is becoming more common in plastic surgery practices.

It’s important to notice that distinction between normal and abnormal anatomy is quite challenging. Sometimes labial hypertrophy may be a normal variant and asymmetry of the female genitalia is a natural occurrence as well. But when enlarged outer lips  cause embarrassment or physical discomfort women take a determined step – address plastic surgeon.

The most often reason of labial hypertrophy include aging, weight loss, birth, as well as childbirth or heredity. There are many techniques to reduce their size and to give more aesthetic appearance: Elliptical and Wedge Excision, Extended Central-Wedge Excision, Zig-Zag Technique, Modified Double Wedge Resection (“Star” Labioplasty).

This surgery takes about one hour one and is usually performed under general anesthesia. During operation the scar is hidden in the concavity between the inner and outer labia. After the surgery patients experience moderate postoperative discomfort for up to two weeks, which can be partially alleviated with anti-inflammatory drugs and ice packs. Good hygiene is essential in order to prevent infection. Patients can return to work in couple days, resume sexual relations in about 4-8 weeks.

The complications are quite rare and include distal flap necrosis, hematoma, superficial infection, skin retraction, late local pain, and transient dyspaurenia.

Our cosy and small clinic can easily ensure privacy and confidentiality desired by patients with regard to this type of consultations. Therefore, patients wishing to avoid discomfort experienced at large or state medical institutions choose our clinic for such surgeries.

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