Day surgery





Plastic surgeon's consultation
Price 30 EUR

Other Surgeries

Removal of superficial benign tumours
Price from 60 EUR
Scar correction
Price from 60 EUR
Benign fatty tumours (lipomas) removal
Price from 190 EUR
Torn earlobe correction (one ear/both ears)
Price from 140/190 EUR
Surgical removal of piercing
Price from 75 EUR
Urgent wound closure
Price from 90 EUR
Treatment of plantar fibromatosis
Price from 460 EUR
Treatment of underarm excessive sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) using injections
Price from 350 EUR
Treatment of excessive hand sweating with anaesthesia
Price from 265 EUR
Treatment of plantar hyperhidrosis with anaesthesia
Price from 350 EUR


Local anaesthesia
Price 15 EUR