Aesthetic surgery

Plastic surgeon’s consultation  50 EUR


Face surgery

Price from 1200 EUR
Price from 850 EUR
Price from 750 EUR
Price from 1950 EUR
Price from 1400 EUR
Price from 2100 EUR
Price from 1400 EUR
Price from 2900 EUR
Price from 2000 EUR
Lip fat transfer
Price from 1000 EUR

Body sculpting

Price from 1900 EUR
Buttock lift
Price from 2800 EUR
Price from 3400 EUR
Calve(s) shape correction with implants (including the price of implants)
Price from 2950 EUR
Price from 2800 EUR
Belly button shape correction
Price from 500 EUR



– For patients’ convenience, necessary blood tests, ultrasound examinations are carried out in the clinic.

– In accordance with the commentary on article 20 of the Republic of Lithuania law on VAT, in the absence of medical indications, procedures are taxed with VAT.  Whether VAT (21%) is added to the denoted price or not, doctors decide during a consultation.