About us


The Aesthetic Surgery Center is an enterprising team of physicians and other professionals united by common ideas and goals and capable of realizing the highest expectations of the patients. Surgeries are done in a spacious and well-appointed operating room.

The Aesthetic Surgery Center’s physicians participate in the activities of the Lithuanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery where they successfully share experience with Lithuania’s other best physicians of plastic and reconstructive surgery. When addressing topical issues as a team the physicians are able to offer the most suitable treatment methods to the patients.

It is the Clinic’s proud boast that it is attractive to both Lithuanian patients and foreign guests. We offer constructive and acceptable consultation-surgery and post-operative-period models to Lithuanians living abroad as well as non-nationals and take care of every patient from the moment of his/her arrival for consultation until leaving abroad.

Patients from Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and other countries increasingly often arrive as medical tourists.

It is not only specialists who keep in step with the most recent novelties but the Clinic itself applies state-of-the-art technologies. Employees’ efforts have been rewarded – they won an EU project that accelerated the acquisition of cutting-edge medical equipment, while a ‘breath of fresh air’ brought to the Clinic allows patients to enjoy coziness and comfort and even to forget the source of their problems.