Breast nipple reduction

Nipple hypertrophy is an aesthetic problem causing psychological discomfort in some patients – difficulties in fitting masking clothing, and patients avoid wearing loose-fitting or slinky clothing. This problem may result from a variety of reasons: inheritance, individual properties of the body or hormone imbalance during maturation, labours or menopause.

According to medical literature, an ideal nipple is of cylindrical form and 8 mm in diameter (normal range is 6-10 mm). If nipple height and width is above 1 cm nipple hypertrophy is diagnosed. Generally, nipple hypertrophy is bilateral – symmetrical.

Nipple hypertrophy correction surgery provides a more aesthetic form to the nipples that is proportional to the breasts. Nipple reduction may be performed as an individual surgery (with local anaesthesia) or combined with breast augmentation, lifting, reduction, or other surgeries. Normally nipples are corrected by performing breast augmentation with implants as implants yet more accentuate nipple hypertrophy by pressing the nipple/areola complex from the bottom.

The height or width or a nipple, or both, may be reduced during the surgery that takes about an hour. Prior to the surgery the amount of skin to be removed is marked without reducing the nipples too much. Since milk ducts are not damaged, the breastfeeding function is not affected.

After breast reduction correction the average physical load is restricted for several days, showering is allowed the next day and taking a bath – after 3 days.

Nearly no scars remain after the surgery, they are hardly visible, and sensitivity is unchanged while the patients enjoy a more aesthetic form of the nipples.

Examples of this kind of surgeries performed at our clinic can be found in our gallery.