Breast correction transfering fat

A lot of women want to move fat from their waist or thighs to breasts and to have bigger and more attractive breasts. Now it has become reality! Plastic surgeons have transplanted fat to the breast since 1895, but the methods that are used currently were developed in 1995. Currently, fat transfer to the breast is becoming more and more popular and is considered an option for women who want to enhance their breasts, or improve the appearance of their breasts after breast lift, or to repair implant-related issues like rippling and wrinkling.

The results of this surgery are a completely natural augmentation avoiding breast implants and improving contours of other parts of the body.

Breast augmentation using this technique takes much longer than traditional breast augmentation. Fat grafting to the breast consists of several procedures at a time: harvesting the fat, preparing it and placing into the breasts. A substantial amount of fat is removed manually (by hand, without the use of machines). Then, the harvested fat is specially processed to separate out the unwanted components (blood, oil, water, anesthetics, lipids and medical fluids from the fat). Next, the fat is injected through tiny incisions using blunt infiltration cannulas. The fat cells are carefully injected, drop by drop in dozens of small injections, into the different breast tissue layers. Fat cells must be over-injected to compensate for any necrosis (cell death) that may occur, which results in loss of fatty tissue. To reach the maximum result 2 or 3 surgeries have to be performed.

Fat transplantation to breast is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 3 hours to complete. Though postoperative period is not long some bruising and swelling is expected. Active physical activity can be continued after 2-3 weeks.

If the patient is very thin, she may not have an adequate amount of that. In this case she still has the possibility to enhance her breasts with implants.

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