Facial fat transfer

Every year gives us more wisdom and knowledge, broadens our circle of friends and adds beautiful moments; however, wrinkles around the eyes, corners of the mouth turning down or saggy cheeks often provoke the thought if wisdom really has to reflect in our face?

As skin ages, it not only loses elasticity but also transforms: the adipose tissue degenerates, part of the fat cells migrate to other places (for instance, the cheeks that were chubby due to the accumulation of the adipose tissue in the lateral area of the lower eyelid at young age become saggy with ageing and give a tired expression of the face).

Facial rejuvenation with fat transfer – a worldwide acknowledged and approved treatment – has become popular in our clinic too. For low invasiveness this procedure is often called fat injection. It is a safe treatment because the patient’s autologous fat cells are used and the body does not reject them, no allergic reaction or immune problems occur. The main advantage of this method is the natural aesthetic result. Scientific research proved that the adipose tissue is rich in stem cells that rejuvenate the facial skin.

This treatment not only apparently corrects the desired areas of the face (eye corner wrinkles, saggy cheeks, sunken eyes, hollowing of the temples, deep tear troughs), but also improves the contours in the areas where fat is harvested for the transfer (usually abdomen, waist, buttocks).

The treatment is done with intravenous anaesthesia and takes between one to two hours to complete. The surgery most often involves hypercorrection, i.e. a bigger than needed amount of fat is injected because not all transferred fat cells take root. After the surgery the patients are usually released home on the same day. During the first week the patient may expect to be swollen, a bit bruised, and a little sore both at the treatment site and the donor site, therefore rest at home is recommended. In the second week the swelling subsides quickly, pain and bruises disappear. Physical activities should be avoided one to three weeks following the treatment.

The results of the treatment are already visible after three weeks although the final result will be pleasing 3-6 months following the treatment. Facial rejuvenation by fat transfer is noticeable, long-lasting and reliable.