Fat transfer to buttocks

Most men and women, consider the ideal body type for women to be characterised as a combination of prominent breasts, slender legs and a round butt. The latter part of the body should not be undervalued. Women often complain of too flat, too small or disproportionate buttocks. This results in psychological dissatisfaction or causes problems with “filling up” clothes. Imperfect butt shapes can be determined by genetic factors, sagging buttock skin after weight loss or age.

Sometimes intensive exercising and balanced diets can help improve the contour of buttocks, though medical methods are often applied too. In recent practices, a very popular and effective buttock reshaping method is Brazilian Butt Lift.

This buttock reshaping method has many advantages:

  • A person’s own fat is used;
  • Not only the contour of buttocks is improved, but also of the regions where fatty accumulations are removed from;
  • It is the safest and the most natural buttocks augmentation method;
  • Buttock has a much more natural look than augmented with implants;
  • Minimal, hardly visible incisions.

Buttocks augmentation with fat usually involves transferring of 250–350 ml of fat to each buttock, about 700 ml for both buttocks (this is usually done with hypercorrection, i.e., a larger amount of fat is transferred because not all fat cells survive after the transplantation). Typical donor regions are the abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs. General anaesthesia is commonly used during buttocks augmentation; rarely intravenous sedation is also possible. After the surgery, patients stay at the clinic for one night.

The recovery period of buttocks augmentation with fat transferred depends on the scope of the surgery, but it is recommended to limit physical activity for 1-2 weeks. Patients can usually return to work after 10-14 days. The final result after the surgery can be seen 3 months later, but some fat can keep resolving during a year.

Today fat grafting procedures that reshape your body and increase your self-confidence are very widely used and considered not only for buttock augmentation, but also for the correction of face, breasts, calves, and other body areas.

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Price: from 1595 €

Surgery price does not include anesthesia, postoperative care/bed-days, compression clothing, the price of implants (if needed).

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