Breast augmentation

What types of implants (saline, hydrogel or silicone-filled) are used?
We use silicone-filled implants because they are reliable and preferred by our clients for their consistency, i.e. the natural feeling when touched. Technically, we can insert saline-filled implants, but they feel less natural. Hydrogel implants were banned in some countries; therefore we do not use them.

What kinds of implants are used in the clinic and what is the difference between them?
There are three kinds of implants used in the clinic: Polytech and Motiva. All of the implants are of a remarkable quality; they feel natural upon touch, vast variety of types to choose from, including the highly innovative double gel implants. Also, all of the manufacturers provide warranty for their produced implants. There are no bigger differences between implants.

What is the difference between anatomical and round breast implants?
Round implants emphasise the fullness of the upper part of the breast, whereas anatomic implants have a more natural shape.

What is the breast base (basis) and how is it measured? 

The breast base is a horizontal dimension of one breast in its widest place at nipple level. It is measured between red lines, not from the middle line, but by 1, 5 cm to the side from it ; on the side, it is measured to the point where the prominence of breast ends.

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 Important to know:
For better understanding of the breast dimensional position we need to know the distance from the groove above our breastbone (suprasternal notch) to the  middle of your nipple. In the picture this distance is marked by green lines.

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Is breast augmentation advised for women who plan to get pregnant within one year?
If you plan to have children in a few years, breast augmentation surgery should be postponed.

When are sutures removed after the surgery?
The sutures are usually removed 7 days after the operation, if the wound was sewn with non absorbable sutures. Usually the wound is sewn with absorable sutures, so the removal is not required.

How long before driving can be resumed after the surgery?
It is advisable not to drive at least one week after the surgery.

How long a special bra should be worn?
A special bra should be worn 3-4 weeks.

How long before flying a plane?
Flying is possible 5 days after the surgery.

When sleeping on the stomach is permitted?
Sleeping on the stomach is possible after 4 weeks.

How long before returning to work?
It depends on the type of work. Non-strenuous work can be resumed after a few days. Physical exercise may be resumed in 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

What incisions are made for breast augmentation?
Incisions can be made around the areola, under the armpit or underneath the breast.

Do implants need to be replaced?
Replacement of implants is recommended after 10-20 years.

Are the conditions of warranty between implants the same?

All of the manufacturers declare, that they provide lifetime long warranty, but itis important to mention, that different remaking of the surgery will be estimated individually, and manufacturers explain differently why one or the other complication appeared (capsular contraction, rupture of the implant, etc.) Nevertheless, all our implant providers suggest the best solutions to the problems that might appear.

Is it possible to insert implants of different size? Is there any difference in price?
Yes, it is possible. The price is the same as of the same size implants.

What complications can be expected?
Complications after breast augmentation surgery are seldom, however, in rare instances, nipple numbness, infection, breast asymmetry, bleeding, visible scarring, implant perforation and capsule formation can occur.

When is the final result visible after the surgery?
The final result is visible in three months after the surgery.

What is the length of hospitalization after breast augmentation surgery?

After operation, the patient is allowed to go home on the same day, or, if needed, can spend a night at the clinic with the care of medical personel.

Does breast augmentation affect breast feeding?
No, breast feeding is not affected.

Are drains always used for the surgery?

If you are having this operation for the first time, sometimes it happens, that we let you go home with drains. If it is a repeated surgery, drains are always left.

Can I have breast augmentation if I am under 18?
Breast augmentation surgery for girls under 18 is not recommended except for extraordinary cases with parents consent.

Will I get a sick leave after a surgery?
Elective aesthetic surgeries do not qualify for sick leave.

Do silicone breast implants interfere with mammography?
Silicone obstructs the passing of X-rays but several images made from different projections enable to view the entire tissue of the breast. Before having the mammographic examination, you must inform mammologist.

Can breast implants cause breast cancer?
There is a small risk for ALCL  carcinoma.

What products are recommended for scars?
After complete healing of the incisions scars can be treated with Dermatix ointment, Solution for scars or special silicone scar reduction plasters like Mepiform.

Does enlargement of breasts have any influence on breastfeeding?
No, it does not. The ‘live’ samples of patients can witness this:

“… This is your patient <…> from Elektrėnai town, the one who had operation on breast enlargement two years ago. I would like to pass my sincere gratitude for your work and share my happiness, as I successfully gave birth to my son, who is safe and sound, and is three months old by now. I am really glad, that I can be a nursing mother. THANK YOU once again and see you at consultations.”

I would like to have a closer space between breasts. Is it always possible to make a narrow cleavage with the help of breast enlargement?
Many circumstances may determine whether a patient’s cleavage after the surgery of breast enlargement becomes narrow – this includes patient’s thoracic configuration, excess and elasticity of breast tissue, the position of nipples, and the width of implants. Many women think, that implants with a wider basis will form a narrow cleavage, however, there persists another problem – if the implants are too wide, it may result in synmastia. In this case, breasts come too close to each other, the patient feels discomfort, the skin between breasts is tight, as if separated from the breastbone. There are cases when the patient needs a corrective surgery.

If breast nipples “look” sideways, is it possible to narrow the cleavage during breast enlargement surgery?
If the patient’s nipples “look” sideways before surgery and the cleavage is rather wide, implants may be too little as means to narrow it. In such cases, some body fat may be replaced by taking it from another body area, of course, if the patient has it.

What size of incision is recommended when performing enlargement of breasts?
The place of incision is individually discussed with every patient, however, incisions under breasts are performed most often, where they are less noticeable. Areola incision has its advantages and disadvantages. It is very appropriate when, at the same time, the diameter of areola must be reduced, but problems concerning areola sensitivity and breastfeeding may occur.