General questions

Is a beforehand consultation with a doctor in the clinic necessary? Or an e-mail consultation is sufficient enough?
It is much more convenient for a doctor when a patient comes to a “live“ consultation – then a doctor can evaluate breast tissues directly, choose implants and understand what a patient wants.

When for a patient it is difficult to arrive to the clinic (lives abroad or in another city and consultation’s time cannot be agreed because of other activities or work hours) all questions are discussed in e-mails.

In order to estimate the volume of surgery, to offer the right size of implants pictures of problem areas and other important information (measurements, height, weight, etc.) are needed for e-mail consultations. To protect patient’s confidentiality, pictures not showing face are taken, unless questions asked are about face area correction.

When a patient arrives to the clinic after having e-mail consultation, a doctor once more discusses the details of the surgery with his patient, measures all the necessary sizes precisely and evaluates the volume of the surgery.

Are Skype consultations possible?
Yes, you can consult with our specialist on Skype as well. First, you have to agree on the time with our administrator, and later on you can discuss the questions you have with the doctor on the appointed time.