Patient memo


Before scheduled operation it is required to do blood tests, listed below:

  • Total blood count
  • K+, Na+,    APPT,   INR
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B, C

For Your convenience, the blood test could be done at our clinic.  The price for required tests package is 40 euros.

Other important information:

Information for women: while planning the date for the operation, you must consider your menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle is heavy, it is advised not to have any surgery until the 3rd day of the cycle. You have to inform your doctor about the beginning of menstruation.

  • Stop aspirin or aspirin-containing medications, vitamin C or fish oil (Omega 3 oils) 2 weeks prior to the surgery.
  • If you have your laboratory tests done outside the Aesthetic Surgery Centre, then at least 1 to 2 days before the surgery please email ( the results of all tests prescribed by your doctor and done not earlier than 2 weeks before the scheduled surgery.
  • Do not eat anything for at least 6 hours before the surgery if general anesthesia will be applied. You can drink just still water for at least 2 hours before the surgery if general anesthesia will be applied. It is forbidden to drink 2 hours before the surgery.
  • One day prior to the surgery do not apply any lotions and tanning creams on your body; on the surgery day do not use make-up and do not wear jeweler and remove nail polish from fingers II and III of the right hand if they are polished dark or bright (in order to ensure operation of the monitor’s sensor placed on the finger). If the treatment is planned in the abdomen and leg area, have your bikini line waxed.
  • After the large scale of surgeries, patients are required overnight stay. During the overnight stay, patients are under anesthetists, nurses intense care, 2-3 hours after the surgery monitoring is provided to ensure the patient’s safety.  If the patient is feeling good, can be discharged from the clinic on the same day, only after the surgeon’s permission and check up.
  • In this case, patient, even not staying overnight, has to pay an overnight stay price.
  • Is patient required to stay overnight stay or only post-operative care for few hours is needed, the surgeon decides before surgery, during the pre-surgery consultation.
  • A parent should stay overnight in a clinic with a patient who is a minor (under 12). The person who attends a patient that is a minor (under 12) stays overnight in the Clinic free of charge and is supplied with a bed. The food is provided only to a patient; the attending person wishing to order meals should inform the administration of the Clinic. The price of the food is 20 euros. One visitor who does not attend the patient can stay overnight with a patient that is older than 12 only if there are vacancies in the Clinic. The price for the visitor’s stay overnight without medical care is 90 euros.

Before arriving at the clinic, do not forget to take with you:

  • Your passport/ID card;
  • Medicine that you have to use (usually use and its prescribed to use by your doctor);
  • items of personal hygiene;
  • jeweler, more valuable things we recommend leaving at home;
  • on the surgery day do not use make-up and do not wear jeweler or take it off before the surgery, take out the contact lenses, watch, wear only pajamas and slippers, which will be given at the clinic.
  • Before surgery, we recommend using the toilet.
  • Patients are discharged from the clinic the second day after surgery (if overnight is required) at 9 a.m.
  • Patients may be visited on working days from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Patients may be visited at other times only with the permission of the attending staff or where family members take the patient home after an overnight stay.

The term of Payments:

  • The terms of payment for the surgery are laid down in the Personal Healthcare Services Agreement.
  • The payment can be made in cash, by advance transfer or bank card. In the event of payment by card. Please make sure that the required amount is present in the card and that no daily payment limits prevent the payment of the total amount.
  • Patient obligates to pay the advance payment mentioned in the Personal Healthcare Services Agreement. If advance payment is not made until two weeks are left till the scheduled operation, a time reserved for the operation may be canceled and planned operation will not be performed. The remaining amount of money can be paid before or on the operation’s day.
  • If the total sum of the service is not paid till the Patient’s operation date (including the day of the operation), the operation will not be performed.
  • If after making the advance payment Patient informs about his absence when till the operation‘s date there are more than two weeks left, Service provider obligates to return him the whole sum of the advance payment.
  • If Patient informs about his absence when there are less than two weeks left till the operation‘s date, Service provider obligates to return him 50% of the advance payment, through Patient pays bank transfer fees.
  • If Patient cannot arrive at the scheduled operation because of the invincible circumstances, advanced payment question is solved by the agreement of the parties.

If you have questions, please call the phone number given below:

+370 (37) 460099 ,  or +370 657 47420.