Lip augmentation

Lovely lips are a very important facial feature, just look into any woman’s purse and chances are you’ll find a lipstick as proof of that. Lipstick alone, however, sometimes is not enough to achieve the fullness and youthfulness of the lips. Injection of special tissue fillers can be used to augment lips or correct their form.

Lips that are too thin can be enlarged with the specially formulated fillers Surgilips®, Juvederm Ultra® or Restylane Lipp®. With the aim of minimising the feeling of discomfort for the patient our Centre performs this procedure using local anaesthesia.

The injection causes lip swelling which disappears in 1-3 days. The patient may apply make-up on the next day after the procedure. The effect of the procedure lasts 9-12 months.

Most women are happy with the result, i.e. fuller and younger lips.

Women who wish to have a permanent lip correction are offered special soft lip implants Permalip®, which enhance lips forever. The implant is inserted through minor sections made in the inner part of the lip which is done in local anaesthesia.

After this surgery lip swelling can persist for several weeks. The major advantage of this surgery lies in the fact that to enjoy the changed form of your lips for a long time you will need just a single minor surgery.

Examples of this kind of surgery can be found in our gallery.